In the mist and shadows of a cold, foggy, winter morning, an event unfolded amongst the streets, shops, factories and homes of a small industrial Midland town. This was an event that went unnoticed by the majority of the slumbering townsfolk. Only a select few, the town’s early risers, bore witness to the arrival of strangers. A group of travellers from a distant place. Voyagers, forged from dreams and technology.

Like all good stories, When The Robots Came, invites us to embark on a journey of introspection, speculation and reflection. It calls upon us to ask questions:
From where do these beings originate? What circumstance gives rise to their mysterious arrival? Who do they serve? Are they the harbingers of impending doom or benevolent creatures, here to help, educate and assist.

As the lingering mist dissipates and the robots pass from sight, we are left to wonder – will these mechanical envoys return and resume their enigmatic quest through our world? What does that mean for our communities?

In these images, the meeting of human and machine unfolds, sparking questions about the essence of human curiosity, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence technologies and fundamental questions regarding the control, purpose and integration of AI into the fabric of our society. We are invited to ponder the unknown, question the future, and prepare for a world that is constantly evolving